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The Espaço.Arte, installed in the old Basic School of the 1st Cycle of the Avenue, is one of the new cultural spaces of Campo Maior, assuming itself as a reference pole in the municipality and in the territory of Alto Alentejo. 

Located in the center of the village, this will be a modern space, equipped to receive exhibitions and events from the most varied areas.


Flowers – Photography by Wanderson Alves

Though vulnerable, flowers are perennial. They carry the stuff of life: joy, beauty, gift, gratitude, love…
It is in them that we inscribe the dreams with which we create ourselves in the fabric of time. They accompany moments and define what we feel in the encounter with others. They are signs with which we cross the journeys of those we love. With them we soothe the pain, intensify the fascination of life and reveal who we are or want to be. Flowers are the order with which we tidy up chaos and the amazement with which we mend the deformity of the world. Through them, the meaning of time is unveiled and a window opens towards the essence of life.