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The Municipality of Campo Maior promoted, in May 2013, the recovery of the Casa do Governador of Ouguela as part of a broader plan to revitalize that historic village.

The prominent place that the building occupies in the old Square of Arms of Ouguela makes it one of the main protagonists in the strategy of recovering the built heritage and signifies the first step of a bigger project, which includes, between others, interventions in the wall belt that surrounds the village.

With this intervention, the increase in area is small since it is mainly intended to take advantage of the available spaces by making them flow internally with the least possible intervention in order to ensure that the ensemble preserves its character.

The building, of traditional construction, is built according to a system of brick masonry arches and walls of mixed masonry of lime stone, brick and waste on which were built and supported wooden floors and roof (disappeared), and in the case of main body constituted of floors and roof structured in brick vault.