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Due to its border situation, the last centuries of Campo Maior’s history were marked by the defense of the national territory, giving this land a military importance that is reflected in its heritage.


It is important to mention that, as a result of a tragic event that struck the village in 1732, the built heritage of the village is almost all of it after the 18th century. 

On September 16 of that year, a lightning struck the powder magazine in the Campo Maior stronghold, located in the keep of the Castle. As a consequence of the strong explosion caused, about two thirds of the old medieval village disappeared and with it also the life of close to 1000 Campomaiorenses. 


Despite the hard blow, Campo Maior could and knew how to rise and flourish from the ruins.


Walking around the streets of the old town today is like traveling through time and feeling the mark of the different periods that Campo Maior passed through.