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Sta. Beatriz da Silva House Museum

This House Museum is a place to evoke the memory of Beatriz da Silva, born in Campo Maior and founder of the Order of the Immaculate Conception.


Bones Chapel

Adopted by the Matriz Church of Campo Maior, the Chapel of Bones is the second largest in the country, dating from 1766…

Imaculada Conceição Monastery

The Monastery of the Immaculate Conception is a very large building, built in 1708, whose premises are distributed around a beautiful cloister. 

Museum of Sacred Art

Located in the historic center of the Village, in the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Carmo, attached to the Church of São João Batista, this museum offers all visitors a journey…

Misericórdia´s Church

Founded in 1592 by João Vicente do Castelo, it underwent several changes during the next three centuries. 

Sr. dos Aflitos Church

This Chapel is located in the south part of the Campo Maior Castle. This building was built right after the explosion of 1732, and currently, its interior is not accessible.

Church of S. João Baptista

Designed by architect Sebastião Soares, the church has an octagonal plan, in the classical style, and two towers. 

Mother Church

The Mother Church of Campo Maior, took 76 years to be built, starting in 1570 and having been completed in 1646.

Stations of the Cross

Since its Portuguese origins, Procissão dos Passos has been involved in popular religiosity, with a great deal of mysticism. 

São Sebastião´s Chapel

This Chapel is located in the perimeter of the Fortification Abaluartada de Campo Maior, more specifically in the Bastion of São Sebastião.

Santa Beatriz da Silva Statue

This statue was built in honor of Santa Beatriz da Silva who was born and lived in Campo Maior.


Enxara´s Chapel

Annually, on Holy Thursday, the image of Our Lady of Enxara is carried in a procession from the Church of Ouguela…

São Joãozinho´s Hermitage

This chapel is located about 1 km from Campo Maior, on the road to Elvas. 

São Pedro´s Hermitage

Located in S. Pedro, next to the road that leads to Ouguela, on the outskirts of Campo Maior…


Ouguela´s Mother Church

Mother church of baroque architecture with bell tower, taking advantage of one of the towers around the Castle. 


Main Church of Degolados

The Matriz Church of the Parish of Nossa Senhora de Degolados, a simple building built in the 15th century…