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The Route of Ouguela, Sentinela da Raia (PR1 CMR), which also has a classification of “Very Easy”, develops over a distance of 5.9km, which can be covered in 2.15h.


The houses of Ouguela, its castle and the fortress that was later added to it, are at the beginning of this route. Discovering the surrounding landscape from the roundabout path can be the preparation for this hike. But first, the Cistern and the House of Governador, inside the castle, and the Fountainof Ouguela, also satisfy our curiosity.


We left west where, camouflaged by the traditional olive grove, we found what was an advanced point of surveillance of the fortress: Atalaia de S. Pedro. We now descend this hill towards the banks of Ribeira de Abrilongo where a large group of fillies helps us to cross. Along the riparian gallery we follow the course of its waters to the point where they thicken like the Xévora River. Almost nothing remains of the old Roman bridge. But a new crossing allows us to visit the Sanctuary of N. Sr.ª da Enxara.


Returning to Ouguela, we passed the Xévora Environmental Center, whose facilities were placed at the border for the control of men and goods.

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