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The Route of the Grous (PR2 CMR) has a classification of “Very Easy”, as it is the one with the shortest distance of the three, about 4.7 km that can be covered in about 1.45h.


It is a linear path that develops almost against the border line, in one of the most easterly points of Portuguese territory, this path begins with the church (18th century) of the Sanctuary of N.Sr.ª da Enxara, already on the left bank of the Xévora River.


It develops over an extensive area of ​​low density, on practically flat terrain. This rare configuration causes, in the most rainy periods of the year, that the incipient temporary water lines create situations of soil soaking due to drainage difficulties. The trail runs along a dirt road, but to facilitate bird watching, it has an observatory.


In fact, it is a route essentially directed towards birdwatching, an activity for which the time of year, equipment, discretion and silence are determining factors for the success of any observation session.It is one of the few places in the country especially recommended for, between November and February, to observe Grous, a wintering species that feeds in open and flat areas.

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