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The Route Raiano Entre Cal e Mel (PR3 CMR), which has a classification of “Very Difficult”, mainly due to its 15.7 km of distance to be covered and the approximate duration of 5.45h.


From the bastions of Ouguela we try to spot to the west the place where this route ends. We set off down a road that, between traditional olive groves, quickly places us on the bank of the Ribeira de Abrilongo, which we cross from filly to filly. For a kilometer we went against the current with the river and its riparian forest as companies.


Then we move away to the border line. The soil acquires reddish tones, indicating some change in the local geology.


Soon we will find the ruins of old ovens that allowed to transform limestone into lime. Then, we align with the border line, always watched by the olive trees that line this side. Once again we cross the Ribeira do Abrilongo and enter to Herdade dos Adaens. In addition to the excellent set up, when we reached the Interpretation Center for Nature, Honey and Biodiversity, we realized that the business management of the estate is oriented towards strong environmental purposes: from MPB (Organic Production Mode) to biodiversity conservation and environmental awareness.

We said goodbye to this center and headed for Degolados, at the end of the route. We are 8 km away from Campo Maior.

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