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VISIT > Religious Flower > São Joãozinho´s Hermitage

This chapel is located about 1 km from Campo Maior, on the road to Elvas. It is a place of pilgrimage where a pilgrimage with mass and procession takes place on the 23rd of June of each year, the eve of S. João Day. This feast day ends with a festival in this enclosure.

According to legend, the village of Campo Maior was affected by the plague in the 14th century. Everyone gathered in prayer asking for the plague to end, but the disease spread and continued for a long time. Some families took refuge in a space far from the village where they stayed for a long time in fear of also being affected by the plague.

One day Gonçalo Rodrigues, from one of these families, was sitting in the shade of a fig tree when the image of S. João Baptista appeared to him, warning him that they could return to their homes because the plague had passed. In memory they were to erect a church in that place in their devotion. The church was built in the village but in this place they built another chapel also dedicated to the patron saint.

This hermitage is from the 17th century, dedicated to the patron S. Joãozinho, as they call him since that miracle. Beneath the fig tree where the saint appeared, a fountain and a small chapel with a granite staircase were built.