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Sporting Clube Campomaiorense, one of the oldest institutions in the municipality of Campo Maior, was born on July 1, 1926.

Throughout its existence, many leaders and athletes, from many generations, wore, defended and honored the colors of Campomaiorense, making its existence possible. In the time of professionalism, well-known figures of Portuguese football passed by, among athletes and coaches.

Of all its history, with many successes in the middle, the second half of the 90s, was the one in which Sporting Clube Campomaiorense was most notable, when reaching the top of Portuguese football.

There were two high and striking moments of the club:

The first, the rise for the first time to the first national division, in the 1994/95 season, which will forever be written in gold in the pages of its history. Manuel Fernandes is the coach who will remain forever linked to the history of the club, as he is the first to manage to take Campomaiorense to the top of Portuguese football.

The second, in the 1998/99 season, Sporting Clube Campomaiorense managed to reach the final of the Portuguese Cup, the premier event of Portuguese football, for the first time. It was a dream fed, for many years, by those responsible for the club. To Campomaiorense, who was the first Alentejo team to reach the final of this prestigious competition.

Sporting Clube Campomaiorense’s long history continues to be written every day. Current generations, and the ones to come, will surely know how to keep alive the flame of this club that has been, throughout the ages, the pride of all the people of Campo Maior.

Activities open to participation

– Judo;
– Fitness;
– Functional training;
– Football;
– Swimming.