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Watchtowers were small towers placed at the highest points, to act as watchmen and to transmit warning messages from fortress to fortress. They were of great military importance in the border regions to prevent and announce penetration movements by invading armies.

In the territory of the old parish of N.ª Sr.ª da Graça de Ouguela, we can visit two of these military-type buildings, Atalaia de São Pedro or Ouguela and Atalaia do Gato.


WATCHTOWER OF S. PEDRO, also known as WATCHTOWER OF OUGUELA, shows some evidence that, after ceasing to have the military function of watch and warning, it may have served as a chapel and may therefore be the Chapel of S. Pedro referred to by some documents.


WATCHTOWER OF GATO – Located in the so-called Mountain of Gato, 6.5 km northeast of Campo Maior square with visual contact with the watchtowers of Contenda, Cabeça Gorda and Ouguela square.