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Olive Mill Museum of Palácio Visconde d’ Olivã

Olive growing and olive oil production always have a prominent place in the village of Campo Maior since ancient times.

In this context, the Olive Mill Museum of Palácio Visconde d’Olivã is a space that illustrates one of the oldest technologies linked to agriculture, the dominant activity of the Campomaiorense economy until the middle of the 20th century.

Structured to function as a single space, the museum presents, however, distinct areas. Starting from its core, where a recreation of an olive press and its entire operation is recreated, visitors also have access to a multimedia room, the ethnography area and temporary exhibitions.

Promoting Olive-growing and Campo Maior, as a municipality with great traditions in this area, is the main goal of the Lagar-Museu.

On the other hand, when creating this space, the Câmara Municipal de Campo Maior had the concern to give it a strong educational component, in order to be able to transmit to the public the whole process that goes from the care of the olive grove and the harvesting of the olives, to its final transformation into olive oil.