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The Municipal Library of Campo Maior intends to be an active space in the life of the Campomaiorenses. Providing easy access to education, culture and leisure, our community’s main objective or cultural enrichment.In addition to reading, you can also consult a video library, as well as an appreciable collection of music.

The space available also includes a children’s room that offers the newest and newest for your age, without reading. A Municipal Library of Campo Maior was inaugurated at the Visconde de Olivã Palace, on April 25, 1993, under the program of the National Public Reading Network.

It is a library, whose typology reflects a functioning philosophy of a public library: adult sector, children’s sector, periodical publications sector, audio visual sector, old book sector and historical archive, Internet.

A library centered on books, providing its users with a bibliographic fund of books, musical CDs, multimedia CDROM, movie and musical DVDs, newspapers and magazines. The library promotes book and reading activities, workshops, exhibitions of the most diverse themes, to cover all audiences, training activities, meetings with writers and illustrators, workshops, commemorating the days – children’s book, poetry, woman, tree , child, mother, father, world book day, theater, music, environment, multiculturalism,…. Colloquia, conferences, book launches and presentations, book fairs….

Francisco José Viegas in "The house of books"

How libraries are like the only dreams: see if it is really important because, in some way, it transforms our life, or disturbed or touched somewhere. The library is therefore not just a book house. All of them as images of the world, dreams, laughter, fear, stomach pain, sheltered and waiting for an opportunity to visit those who visit, leaflets of a book, ignoring one page at the expense of another, closing a chapter of the book consultation, which is like who says - from consulting the world.
Francisco José Viegas