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STAY > Rural Tourism > Herdade dos Adaens


Herdade dos Adaens, in Campo Maior, is reborn on the site of an aromatic plantation that lent its environment to local legends and narratives. We managed to recreate a paradisiacal corner, where calm and tranquility reign and where the colorful landscape forms a portrait of perfume, love and life.

It is said in the Village that, at that time, the Moon was born purple and smelled of flowers. That, therefore, the dreams of all the inhabitants were perfumed. And that, in all of them, at some point, the old Alchemist, Master of auspice and adventure, appeared there, Wizard of all that is born. He came from the bottom of the moon and in his boat he sailed, among lavenders, while counting the stars to see if none had left his place. The truth is that those dreams transformed each day into a day of happiness. Wise and learned came from all over the world to investigate the reason for people with such a good disposition, for a land with such harmony and serenity. The land of the clearings of goodwill, the kingdom of fantastic men. And it was on this land that Herdade dos Adaens was reborn.